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A badass isn’t just leather jackets and motorcycles (though those things are pretty cool). You can be a badass at accounting, at Dungeons & Dragons, at baking, at bar trivia.

Badass is a feeling.

A competence, a confidence. A stubborn refusal
to back down from your authentic self.


This podcast is all about honoring the stuff that makes you a badass and helping you write your own unique roadmap for success in business and in life.

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Meet Jess.

Jess Langley is a business badass above all else. She believes in many things, but at the top of that list is the belief that business can be fun, everyone deserves to get paid, and truly loving yourself is the secret to a fulfilled life. 

As The Colorful Jess, she combines mindset coaching with pricing strategy and intuitive tools so you can trust yourself, charge your Holy Fuck Pricing, and ditch burnout.


Jess started her own design and mural studio, White Coffee Creative, in 2017 so she gets where you’re coming from and has the experience to back it up. 


When she's not working, you can find Jess sipping coffee, bingeing Netflix shows, hiking with her pups and partner, or dreaming about having a cabin in the woods.

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Meet Mads.

Madelyne self-describes as “just a human with hands trying their best,” which, at the end of the day, aren’t we all? She’s a self-taught graphic designer, hand letterer, and business owner so she knows a thing or two about imposter syndrome. She’s a middle child of 5 so she knows a thing or two about digging your heels in (practically a pre-requisite for surviving Year 1 of a new business).

Over at Good Letters Designs, she works with clients to create content—be it a bespoke annual report, a custom mural, or animated hand lettered type—that tells a story. She has a line of stationery, stickers, prints n such that she sells online and in stores around the DC area.


Madelyne’s super power is asking questions. Madelyne’s super weakness is thinking she can do everything (and not slowing down long enough to ask if she should). Madelyne’s arch nemesis is anyone who makes her wear close-toed shoes.

We're so fucking happy you're here.


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